Can SuitePOS handle extreme volumes of customers and/or item SKU's?

Can SuitePOS handle extreme volumes of customers and/or item SKU's?

Yes we can. We have retailers with over a 3M customers and 2M+ product SKU's. SuitePOS is built for the demands of the mid-market and enterprise retailer.  

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    • What type and size of retailer is SuitePOS suited for?

      We have retailers of all sizes (enterprise, mid-market, small). The most important thing is a desire to be open about the traditional way in-store POS solutions work, and be willing to adopt a simpler, more agile approach that is better aligned to ...
    • How is SuitePOS updated?

      Under our subscription model, SuitePOS is updated with new functionality and non-critical bug fixes several times a year. Patches and maintenance releases are performed periodically. The SuitePOS App is updated on the Apple device via our download ...
    • How Secure is the SuitePOS App?

      Because SuitePOS is published on the Apple Store (unlisted and via enterprise distribution) it has had to meet Apple's stringent security requirements. In addition, it has had to pass Salesforce's Security review to be listed on the App exchange and ...
    • What types of transactions are supported?

      Dependent on the processor of choice, SuitePOS can be used to handle Cash and Carry, Sales Orders (shipped or in-store pickup), Returns and Voids.
    • Does SuitePOS work off offline in the event the internet or the NetSuite/Salesforce server is down?

      The short answer is yes. In fact, in addition to speed, this is one of the main advantages of running a separate App. Additionally is you are using the "Square POS" gateway, you can configure it to process credit cards offline (in the integrated ...