Tutorial: Enable Receipt Footer Images

Tutorial: Enable Receipt Footer Images

Retailers can now put various images for coupons, event notices and other messages at the bottom of receipts with or without an accompanying QR or bar code.

Examples include:

  1. Coupon for discounts on an item (e.g. 10% on all baseballs)
  2. Whole Order coupons (e.g. 10% off your next purchase)
  3. Event Notices (e.g. Come to our Special Wine Tasting Friday, April 4th)
  4. Sign up Call-to-Actions (e.g. Scan and sign up for future promotions)
  5. Branding (e.g. Drink more Coffee!)

  1. In NetSuite, "Enable Footer Image" selects the transaction type the footer is enabled for.
  2. "Footer Image" is the URL of the image

The image should not be > 576 pixels width (assuming 203 DPI max resolution for most Star printers), and black & white low res images will print faster than color.

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