Forcing a Full Sync across terminals

Forcing a Full Sync across terminals

There are some instances when you need to initiate a Full Item Sync as soon as possible. for example:
  1. Item structures have changed
  2. Need to reset the item cache because of issues
  3. Recent items have been added/removed to/from the Saved Item Search
Full Syncs are performed when you are first registering the terminal/device (to establish the initial cache) and when you want to re-set the entire data cache on the terminal/device (due to issues or major changes). 

There are three ways to perform Full Sync:
  1. Re-registering the terminal/device by hitting the hidden gesture on the login screen. This will force a full sync (unless the full sync is skipped).
  2. Manually performing a full sync on the SuitePOS Settings screen on the terminal/device
  3. Updating the POS Settings or POS Terminal record (on the platform) on groups (or all) of the terminal/devices

Re-registering in SuitePOS using the hidden gesture:

Manual Sync using SuitePOS Settings

Force a full sync from POS Settings in NetSuite

Force a full sync from POS Settings in Salesforce

Force Full Sync from POS Settings (or POS Terminal)

To invoke a "automatic" full sync from POS Settings the "Force Item Full Sync" date is set to the date you want to perform a full sync.; typically tomorrow. Then on the next sync a full sync (items) is performed.
If "Attempt Sync on Every Login" is not checked; this date should always be in the future and not today. Otherwise the sync may not initiate.
Care should be taken with this feature since you do not want to force a full sync during the open times of a store. This could tie up your terminals for a while when they sync next.
The full sync occurs on every terminal attached to the specific POS Settings record you update. It is advisable to keep the number of terminals at a minimum to avoid exceeded governance limits in your NetSuite account.  
This feature (Release 4.2.x+) is also available on POS Terminal so that you can have more granular control of which terminals are forced sync'd.