Mobile Device Management (MDM) for SuitePOS Terminals

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for SuitePOS Terminals

If you have more than a handful of terminals a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is recommended to manage (remote and centrally) all devices. A MDM strategy enables you to update SuitePOS quicker and more accurately - resulting in less issues. 

Example MDM Solutions that work with SuitePOS:

  • Mosyle
  • VMWare AirWatch
  • Cisco Meraki
Overview of MDM:

Most MDM follow the same methods of setup. These are as follows:
  • Create a Push Certificate to establish a connection between the devices and the MDM server. You do this using your Apple Developer ID
  • Define your devices in the MDM
  • Upload the SuitePOS IPA file to the MDM as an Enterprise distribution
Getting the URL of the SuitePOS IPA file:
  1. Go to and determine which build you need eg. Build 830.
  2. Get the IPA URL by:
    1. Right clicking on the "DOWNLOAD" link and copy it to a notepad (or equiv. app).
    2. Isolate the ".plist" link for the "url=" parameter. eg. The equivalent IPA file is located at

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