Tutorial: Enabling Sales Throttling

Tutorial: Enabling Sales Throttling

In a higher volume/terminal count environment, NetSuite can fall victim to slowness. Since SuitePOS issues asynchronous calls to write transactions into NetSuite, these can rapidly accumulate resulting in NetSuite Concurrency Limits being reached and/or time outs occurring. 

When "Throttling" is Enabled and a "Max Throttling Time" is set, SuitePOS writes these transactions to the Fail Queue if it detects Concurrency / Time out failures for a specific terminal.  This is designed to take the load off the NetSuite system for  a set period of time. 

Step 1: Enable Throttling

  1. In NetSuite, check "Enable Throttling".
  2. Set the "Max Throttling"  time.


When SuitePOS throttling mode is activated, it is shown in the settings screen.

When throttling mode is automatically switched off, the Fail Queue's are automatically processed (synchronously) to avoid having to wait for a manual or next day sync.

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