SuitePOS Item/Product Pricing

SuitePOS Item/Product Pricing

SuitePOS syncs item pricing data from the platform (NetSuite or Salesforce) periodically and/or on-demand. This means items can be seamlessly up-to-date at all times; including pricing. For example, if you change pricing of "Chocolate Bar" from 2.99 to 4.99, this pricing will be reflected at each of your terminals.

In order to cater for most business scenarios, item pricing is determined using the following order of precedence:
  1. Override. If this is set, the price level on the POS Settings record will always be used for a given item/product.
  2. Pricing Group. NetSuite Only. If this is enabled (on POS Settings), the pricing group of the item is used to find the pricing level of the named customer. The pricing level is then used to determine the item price.
  3. Customer Pricing Level/Price Book. If this is enabled for a particular customer, then this price level/price book is used to determine the item/product price.
  4. Base/Standard Price. If alternative pricing cannot be determined, the base or standard price is used.
SuitePOS supports multiple base currencies for certain jurisdictions; each currency can have its own pricing.

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