SuitePOS Release 3.5

SuitePOS Release 3.5

This release requires:
  • A server-side bundle/package upgrade (NetSuite or Salesforce)
  • A client-side terminal/device upgrade, Re-registration and Full Sync.

You may be on a very old version of SuitePOS. If that is the case, you must make sure (after you upgrade) that all prior release notes (on prior versions) have been applied.
If using NetSuite and a Full Sync is required, ENSURE you have enough concurrency to be able to perform full syncs of all your terminals. Alternatively you have to manage the full syncs manually across your terminals. More information about SSS-REQUEST-LIMIT-EXCEEDED

Release 3.5 History

  • 3.5.2 Build 733 (NS Bundle 3.1.18/19, SF Package 3.33)
    • Fixed an issue with sales tax not being calculated when using a Return from a Sale (when pulled directly from NetSuite versus local to the terminal).
    • Minor bug update to Square Reader SDK (for Square Plus)
    • Update to Stripe Terminals SDK (for Stripe)
    • Minor formatting enhancements to Dual Display
    • For split payment sales on Stripe and Square; Canceling out will now refund any credit card payments that were made.
    • Fixed a bug whereby a a customer on a different price level could cause the transaction to calculate wrong.
If you are already on 3.5.1 you can install the app directly over the older version (avoiding a re-registration and full sync).

You need to upgrade the NetSuite Bundle (if applicable) to 3.1.19 or the latest supported version for this release.
  • 3.5.1 Build 724 (*d)  (NS Bundle 3.1.15, SF Package 3.33)
    • Initial Production Release
(*d) Deprecated


Support for Stripe

You can now use Stripe as your payment processor. This is a modern day processor that offers competitive custom rates, no contract lock-ins and super fast processing. Using Stripe at the point-of-sale is especially useful for retailers that use Stripe as their ecommerce processor - making reconciliation simpler and easier.

Setting up Stripe

Square Plus Update

Square recently updated their Square Reader SDK. The main update is that signature is no longer required. Less shopper interaction means faster processing. 
If you are using the original Square integration (using the Square POS app), there is now an option to skip signature. We encourage you to enable this.

Removal of Shift4 Gateway

As we have previously announced, the Shift4 Gateway has come to the end of life. This release disables Shift4 entirely. If you need assistance in migrating to our more secure and streamlined gateways please contact support
If you are still using Shift4 you will need to switch gateways before the upgrade.

On-Demand Customer Search (NetSuite Only)

Some of our retailers have very large customer counts and also need close to real-time customer metrics. Relying on syncs is not really appropriate for these use cases. Now there is a mechanism (enabled in POS Settings) whereby NetSuite can be searched (for a customer) directly in real-time.

With this setting enabled, as you type in a customer search the list of customers will auto reduce locally as normal - but after two keystrokes the search icon will change. Pressing this icon will then initiate a direct NetSuite search and pull in matching customers. A customer is then selected.
Enabling this setting means that you can limit your customer saved searches to only the "anonymous" customer. This will improve performance during the customer sync.

SuitePOS On-Demand Customer Search

Scale Integration

As part of the Advanced Inventory Module, SuitePOS is now integrated with Star's mCollection line of NTEP certified scales. This means you can flag an item to be weighed. Once scanned, the weight of the item appears in the quantity field in SuitePOS. This improves accuracy and performance for retailers that are weighing centric. eg. Deli's.

Supported Scales

Weighed Item in SuitePOS

Image Printing on Receipts when items are sold

As part of the Advanced Promotions Module, this new feature enables you to print images at the end of the receipt (great for disclaimers or signatures) or as separate images after the receipt (great for couponing). These images are triggered by purchasing certain items.

For example, you could offer a promotion that offers $10.00 off a case of wine if a wine tasting is purchased. This coupon(s) would then be printed after the receipt and separated by a partial paper cut.

Enable Printing Images on Receipt

Performance Improvements - Carts over 20+ line items

Some customers have been experiencing performance issues with a larger number of items in their shopping carts. This has now been resolved.

View and Reprint Receipts that are not local to the terminal

You can now view the original receipt (at a later time) by searching for a transaction that was created at any terminal, at any location. 

Scan/Search Additional Item Codes

Currently you can scan (or manually search) products by UPC, Item Name etc. With the addition of new fields (Additional Code 1,2,3) you can now enter more codes to scan or search for at the POS. 
This is very useful for retailers that receive inventory that is pre-barcoded and those barcodes change from time to time (even though it is the same inventory item)

Allow quantity > 1 for Lot Numbered Items

Prior to this release, lot numbered items could only have a quantity of 1. This meant that if you sell the same item (out of the same lot) many times in a single transaction you would have to enter/scan the lot number for each item sold. This has now been improved and you can now edit the quantity for lot numbered items.

No Tip option

Previously, if tips were enabled you to explicitly enter 0.00 tip if no tip was given. Now this is a button and can be displayed in POS Settings.

Ability to report on transactions where a whole order promotion was used

For those using the Promotion Module, a new field has been created on the transaction header ("Promotion"). This allows you to report on transactions where are whole order promotion was used. This is useful for determining the success of whole order promotions.

Ability to define a selection category for whole order promotions

For those using the Promotion Module, whole order promotions can now be made to appear under a visual selection category. This makes it more consistent with item level promotions.

General bug fixes

Minor bugs and iOS 12 screen layout issues have been addressed.

NetSuite Update Steps

If you have custom forms linked to the locked SPOS iOS Device role, updating the bundle will revert these forms to the SPOS Default forms. In order to correct this, you will need to set your custom forms back on the SPOS iOS Device role.  If you are already using a custom SPOS iOS Device role (recommended), this does not apply.
  1. Update to the latest supported SuitePOS Bundle
  2. Install the latest SuitePOS App

Salesforce Update Steps

  1. Update to the latest SuitePOS (3.33) Package
  2. Install the latest SuitePOS App

POS Settings Layout

  1. Add "Stripe Section" to POS Settings layouts and associated profiles
  2. Add SPOS__StripeAPIPublishableKey__c field to POS Setting layouts and associated profiles
  3. Add SPOS__StripeAPIKey__c field to POS Setting layouts and associated profiles
  4. Remove all Shift4 related fields and sections from POS Settings layouts and the POS Settings object

Salesforce POS Settings

  1. Add SPOS__Enable_Image_Printing_When_Item_Sold__c field to POS Setting layouts and associated profiles

Salesforce POS Settings

POS Settings Object

  1. Remove "Shift4" and add "Stripe" to SPOS_Gateway1__c list of values field .

Salesforce POS Settings Object Screen - Gateway

POS Terminal Layout

  1. Add SPOS_Enable_Scale__c field to the Hardware Section
  2. Add SPOS__Disable_Item_Image_Reprint__c field to the Hardware Section

Salesforce Terminal Screen (Enable Scale)

Salesforce Terminal Screen - Disable Item Image Reprint

POS Product Layout

  1. Add SPOS__Additional_Codes__c field to Product layouts and associated profiles.
  2. Add SPOS__Additional_Codes2__c field to Product layouts and associated profiles.
  3. Add SPOS__Additional_Codes3__c field to Product layouts and associated profiles.
  4. Add SPOS__Weight_at_POS__c  field to Product layouts and associated profiles.

Salesforce Product Screen

  1. Add SPOS__Enable_Item_for_Image_Printing__c field to Product layouts and associated profiles.
  2. Add SPOS__Print_Image_URL__c field to Product layouts and associated profiles.
  3. Add SPOS__Print_Image_for_Each__c field to Product layouts and associated profiles.
  4. Add SPOS__Print_Image_on_Receipt__c field to Product layouts and associated profiles.

Salesforce Product Screen

POS Promotion Object

  1. Move SPOS_Under_Category__c field from the Item Promo Settings Section to the Header Section

Salesforce Promotion Screen

POS Transaction Layout

Add SPOS__Promo__c field to the POS Transaction layout and associated profiles.

SuitePOS Transaction Screen

POS Transaction Object

Delete SPOS__Sales_Order__c checkbox from POS Transaction. This field is obsolete.

Salesforce POS Transaction