SuitePOS Release 3.7

SuitePOS Release 3.7

Release 3.7 History

  • 3.7.3B Build 767B - Production Release (NS Bundle 3.1.22/25, SF Package 3.41)
    • iOS 13 messages in the system now work. note: this build does not officially support iOS 13 just yet.
  • 3.7.3 Build 767A - Production Release (NS Bundle 3.1.22/25, SF Package 3.41)
    • Fixed issue with foreign subsidiaries (NS Bundle 3.1.23 only). Item Sync crash if no items.
    • Fixed an issue whereby the CardEase Gateway manual web form is not displayed properly.
    • Fixed an issue with Salesforce customers whereby cash and carry sales (over the wire) cannot be returned.
    • Fixed the merging of duplicate lines stopping after a promo is added.
    • Fixed an issue with item syncs where restrict by terminal is used. This now works correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with item syncs with customers that use NetSuite OneWorld but do not have multi-currency enabled. 
  • 3.7.2 Build 767 - Production Release (NS Bundle 3.1.21/22, SF Package 3.41)
    • Release 3.7 now Generally Available and out of beta.
    • Updated the Star Printer SDK in order to try to fix some memory leak issues (which can cause instability) and issues that cause invalid receipts to be printed occasionally.
    • Fixed issues around transactions not writing to NetSuite properly when invalid receipts are printed.
    • Fixed issues with PayPal and not being able to process some manual cards.
    • Support for iOS 12.4
    • Fixed issue causing an app crash when default pickup location is not set on the settings record.
    • Fixed issues whereby class and department fields are not set properly on Sales Orders in NetSuite and therefore causing a reference error.
    • Fixed issue regarding an app crash when sales are placed on hold.
    • The price level is now set to blank on new customer creation (if not explicitly set). This better mimics the behavior in NetSuite and prevents later sales being made at the wrong price level.
    • Fixed a sync issue whereby a item sync failure can cause subsequent syncs not to pick up changes to the items (without a full sync).
  • 3.7.1 Build 760 (*d) - Production Release (NS Bundle 3.1.21, SF Package 3.41)
    • Initial Production release (beta).



Support for PayPal (Beta)

You can now use PayPal as your payment processor. This is a modern day processor that offers competitive custom rates, no contract lock-ins and super fast processing. Using PayPal at the point-of-sale is especially useful for retailers that use PayPal as their ecommerce processor - making reconciliation simpler and easier.

Omnichannel Improvements for NetSuite

We now allow server-side query of Sales Orders that have been fulfilled and invoiced. The allows you to refund transactions that originated as a Sales Order. On the SuitePOS search screen you type in (or scan from the receipt) the POS number and search. You then select the invoice and issue a refund.

Improved POS Transaction Number Generator

POS Transaction Number is used to identify a unique payment. eg. 0200000052. This number consisted of . To avoid the risk of potential duplication (eg. when a terminal is replaced using the same terminal id or a iOS device is rest) a 4 digit alpha code has been added to guaranty that its unique. The new format |<4 digit alpha numeric code>.

Fixed Square Re-Authorization Issue and other Web Menu Issues

In some cases, Square Re-Authorization was not getting performed properly. It would work properly, however, if it was performed a few times. This has now been fixed along with some other web view issues where external sites are being called from the menu in SuitePOS.

Stripe SDK Updated

Stripe has now made their SDK generally available. As a result the SDK was updated.

Stop Reprint of Coupons

With the Advanced Promotions Module you can print promotional coupons (on receipts) based on items that have been sold. For example, buy a wine tasting and get 5% off any gift store purchase. 

A new flag on the POS Terminal Settings now can be enabled to stop the reprint of these coupons after they have been printed once. This helps with staff fraud.

Sales Tax on Returns Sometimes Wrong

In some cases, a server-side query of a sale and then a return against that sale would not calculate sales tax properly. This has now been fixed.

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