SuitePOS Release 3.9

SuitePOS Release 3.9

Release 3.9 History

  • 3.9.16 Build 830Q (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fixed issue in Stripe for manual cards in live accounts - parameter renamed

Example cart showing dynamic options being added automatically:

Ability to manually set shipping costs on Sales Orders (NetSuite Only)

Some of our customers use external systems/methods for shipping calculations on Sales Orders. You can now manually enter shipping costs by checking "Enable Shipping Cost Override" in POS Settings. This will then allow a clerk to override the shipping cost and use the new cost entered.   

Dual Screen Improvements

The dual screen display has been re-designed. 
  • Using a black-mode style design, SuitePOS is now mapped to Apple's standard design providing a clearer and sharper display image of the cart.
  • If a idle image is present, it now occupies the full screen - enabling a lot more display ad flexibility
  • Shipping totals are now included for Sales Orders.
  • The cart total field has been moved from top left to bottom right. A more natural way of looking at a cart.

Improved Fail Queue Messaging and Retry's

When something fails to write to NetSuite/Salesforce, the Failed Queue messaging on re-sync is now better organized and orchestrated. In addition, the retry is no longer synchronous with the App and therefore you can continue to work while the Fail Queue is retrying in background. 

SDK's have been updated

Some third-party SDK's have been updated. Some of these updates include new SDK's from Stripe, PayPal and Square.

  • 3.9.15 Build 830P (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48) 
    • Fixed the license server error message that pops up on log in

  • 3.9.14 Build 830N (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fixed PayPal stability issues around updating software on the reader
    • Fixed an issue that can cause an perpetual loop when initializing the PayPal SDK

  • 3.9.12 Build 830M (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Sporadic license server issues fixed due to iOS version issues

  • 3.9.11 Build 830L (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fixed dependency of a payment device being active on a return or void of a PayPal transaction

  • 3.9.10 Build 830K (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fixes several issues around processing that could, under rare circumstances, cause duplicates
    • Renamed some message to better explain what is going on during processing
    • Fixed the PayPal "Connecting..." but that makes you have to force quit the app

  • 3.9.9 Build 830J (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fixes several issues centered around PayPal processing

  • 3.9.8 Build 830H (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fixes several issues centered around ChipDNA/Miura manual cards

  • 3.9.7 Build 830G (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fix issue with Paypal - causing re-authorization every 8hrs.

  • 3.9.6 Build 830F (*d)(NS Bundle 3.1.36, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fix issue with Stripe authorization message popping up when Paypal is being used as a gateway. 

  • 3.9.5 Build 830E (*d)(NS Bundle 3.1.33, SF Package 3.48)
    • Fix issue with Square manual cards for Square Reader SDK (aka. Square Plus). Manual cards would not accept expiration dates that start with Jan, Feb or March.

  • 3.9.4 Build 830D (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.33, SF Package 3.47)
    • Initial production release
    • Support for new REST endpoint determination which was causing our app to issue a warning message on syncs.
    • Fixed item sync issues for multi-subsidiary NetSuite accounts which causes sync to prematurely terminate.
    • Fixed Avatax Backup Tax issue (not working on iPhone).

  • 3.9.3 Build 830C (Beta) (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.33, SF Package 3.47)
    • Added in District of Columbia as a US State option when adding and editing a customer.
    • Fixed items script to better handle foreign subsidiary determination

  • 3.9.2 Build 830B (Beta) (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.32, SF Package 3.47)
    • Need to pass Avatax Company Code (set on POS Settings) for foreign subsidiaries that are using SuitePOS.

  • 3.9.1 Build 830 (Beta) (*d) (NS Bundle 3.1.30/31, SF Package 3.46)
    • Fix the duplicate customers (on search) issue when price groups enabled. (NS Bundle 3.1.31)
    • Initial release.


Support for iOS 13.1

SuitePOS now fully supports iOS 13. This release will not work (or run) on iOS 12 devices. Note: Dark mode is not yet supported and light mode is forced in the production builds.

Support for Canada (Beta), Australia (Alpha), UK (Alpha)

SuitePOS can now be used for retailers in Canada, Australia and the UK in terms of payment processing and taxation.

Support for NetSuite Price Groups

NetSuite Pricing Groups allow you to assign shopper-specific price levels for certain groups of items. You might like to offer a shopper a higher discount on a certain group of products than others. For example, you may wish to offer a plumber preferential rates on plumbing supplies, but they would pay more for electrical supplies than an electrician would.

Items are are now priced first based off the override price level from POS Settings (if applicable), then the price level of the price group of the item (if applicable), then the customer price level (if applicable) otherwise the base price is used. 

To enable this feature, "Enable Price Groups" must be set in the POS Settings Record, applicable items have to be assigned one price group in NetSuite and applicable Customer records must be assigned at least one price group and price level.

New Avatax API

SuitePOS has been migrated to the Version 2 of the Avatax API's. Customers using Avatax should see no change. Version 1 has been deprecated by Avalara.

Auto-add Default Dynamic Options

Retailers using our Dynamic Options Module can now have items that have dynamic options auto-added to the cart. This means that you can easily assess special service fees (bottle deposits, disposition) on certain items automatically. In addition,  you can default an item to a set of options that rarely change and/or, give away promotional items at the checkout (and record the fact).  

To enable this feature, you simply check "Auto-add Default Dynamic Options" and any default dynamic options will be added instantly as an indented item.
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