SuitePOS Release 4.0

SuitePOS Release 4.0

Release 4.0 History

  • Build 973YY (PRODUCTION) (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.12)
    • Support for new Square OAUTH flow
    • Support for newer Square Stands
  • Build 973Y (PRODUCTION) (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.12)
    • Step back PayPal SDK to 2.1.0320297000 because of issues in newer versions
  • Build 973X (PRODUCTION) (*d)  (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.12)
    • Step back PayPal SDK from 2.4.0021224000 to 2.3.0021161010 because of an issue with having to re-authorize PayPal after the POS is idle for approximately 10 mins.
  • Build 973U (PRODUCTION) (*d)  ((NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.12)
    • Optional upgrade that fixes a Square SDK issue where its possible a sale cannot start
  • Build 973T (PRODUCTION) (*d)  (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.12)
    • Optional upgrade that addresses update issues on fields Additional Code1,2 and 3 on the item record. Note: this fix will require a manual fix to the workflow by development (until release 4.1). 
  • Build 973S (PRODUCTION) (*d)  (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.12)
    • Update Square SDK due to bluetooth connection issues with iOS 15.x
    • Prevent app crash when there is a blank receipt
    • Prevent "random" POS Transaction Numbers (for Manual Card Transactions) being created in the PayPal backend making it appear there is a transaction in PayPal but not in NetSuite. 
    • Migrate to "obtainToken" endpoint for Square Authentication. Current methods are deprecated by Square.
    • 'Other Payment Method" was being ignored for cards that are not Visa, Amex or Mastercard and posting as "Amex" payment method. This has now been fixed.
    • PayPal Manual Cards are being processed as "Unknown" cards. Now we determine card type and post to the appropriate payment method.
    • Fixed a refund issue for gift cards whereby it was not possible to refund.
    • Upgraded the PayPal SDK so that ApplePay transactions no longer return "unknown" card.
    • General improvements to the Failed Queue log files.
  • Build 973J (PRODUCTION) (*d)  (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.5)
    • Update Square SDK due to bluetooth connection issues with iOS 14.5.x (new Square SDK)
    • Update Stripe SDK to support iOS 14.5.x
    • Update provisioning profile to 5/3/22 (973H is currently 11/11/21)
    • Recompiled to better support iOS 14.5.x
  • Build 973H (PRODUCTION) (*d)  (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.5)
    • Resolved an issue where scanning certain whole order promotions results in the wrong promotion being added to the cart.
  • Build 973G (PRODUCTION) (*d)  (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.5)
    • Fixed an issue where certain whole order promotions were going missing and not working correctly
    • Resolved some crash issues during a sync forcing an eventual re-install of the app.
  • Build 973F (PRODUCTION) (*d)  (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.5)
    • Updated Star SDK to fix the issue with IP printers and Apple Authorization for network access (for iOS 14). Was causing SuitePOS to freeze.
  • Build 973E (PRODUCTION) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.5)
    • Update to crash monitoring SDK
    • Support for iOS 14.4
  • Build 973D (PRODUCTION) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.5)
    • Update the Square SDK (for Square Plus) to fix some minor bugs and reduce SuitePOS app size.
  • Build 973C (PRODUCTION) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.5)
    • Fixed issue where a Whole Order Promotion is added at  $0.00 instead of the correct amount or percentage.
    • Fixed an issue with Device Id on first install of the app where it is set to blank. 
    • Provided a workaround to a PayPal bug whereby a "406" error is getting thrown for items that have certain names. 
  • Build 973B (PRODUCTION) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.12, SF Package 4.5)
    • Fixed an issue for Item Promotions where the number of items selected was beyond NetSuite search limits causing some items not to include the promotion.
    • When UOM and Quantity Pricing is on, some returned items had incorrect price. This is now fixed.
  • Build 973 (PRODUCTION) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.7, SF Package 4.5)
    • Fixed a sales tax rounding issue whereby the POS transaction can be a penny off to the transaction that is written to NetSuite. This can cause an open invoice or over-payment.
    • New Feature: When Quantity Pricing is enabled and the price level in effect is blank, SuitePOS needs to respect the base price quantity breaks instead of only the base price.
    • Increase local transactions storage to 1,000 instead if 300
    • Fixed some UI alignment issues
  • Build 963 (PRODUCTION) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.7, SF Package 4.5)
    • Optimize Diff Sync now supports inline editing
    • Fixed a rare lot issue whereby it was returning a success when in fact the lot was invalid
    • New feature: Automatic Surcharges. Surcharges allow retailers to automatically add in things like COVID PPE Fees and Public Improvement Fees (PIF) sometimes imposted by landlords. 
    • Fix a major bug triggered by upgrading to iOS 14.x. This involves not being able to enter text or use dynamic options (for retailers that have that option enabled).
    • New Feature: A new User setting, "Authorized to Exceed Available Credit" allows a Sale or Sales Order to be put On Account when there is not enough or no Available Credit for the Customer.
    • New Feature: Allow partial deposits on Sales Orders (Advanced Payments Module Required). You can now accept partial deposits on Sales Orders by splitting the deposit payment. eg. 50% on card. 50% on account.
  • Build 957A (PRODUCTION) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.4, SF Package 4.5)
    • Fixed rare issue where sales tax is not calculated when a return is generated from a sale that has the first line item not taxable (and POS Settings has a "Default Non Taxable" item set to anything other than "--Not Taxable--".
  • Build 957 (PRODUCTION) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.4, SF Package 4.5)
    • Support for iOS 14.0.x
    • Fix a tax rounding issue for sales tax that has 3 decimal places
    • Fixed a lot number scanning bug
    • Incorrect UOM price on created from returns fixed
    • Fixed issue with scanning gift cards
    • Tidy up some UI fields
    • Add in some new SDK's that were deprecated 
    • Fix issue with syncs when NetSuite feature Partner Relationship Management is not enabled 
  • Build 949 (BETA) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.3, SF Package 4.2)
    • Changed Fail Queue Log File from XLS to CSV to make it it more readable under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed further UOM issues centered around Created From Returns
    • Fixed search issues centered around promotions
    • Fixed issues with voiding sales orders
  • Build 942 (BETA) (*d) (NS Bundle 4.0.3, SF Package 4.2)
    • Fixed some random issues with Units of Measure
    • Allow for voids of credit card and on account sales after 24hrs
  • Build 941 (BETA) (*d)  (NS Bundle 4.0.1, SF Package 4.2)
    • Initial BETA release.


Geocoding for Avatax

Geocoding for Avatax enables SuitePOS Sales and Returns to automatically calculate tax based off the device's location (versus the more static POS Settings record). For example, if you are in one state at 10.00am, that state sales tax is automatically used. If you then go to another state or district, then that new sale tax will be automatically be used.

This is a powerful feature for retailers with pop-up stores and/or field sales representatives that are fluid and constantly moving around from location to location. At the same time, sales tax compliance is fully assured by Avatax.

Support for Dark Mode and UI changes

SuitePOS now fully supports Dark Mode in iOS. This feature is very useful in dimly lit situations or when you want to increase battery time (up to 30%) on mobile devices. SuitePOS automatically respects whatever settings (light or dark mode) you have enabled on the iOS device.

In addition, we have tweaked some UI icons to make them snappier and clearer.

Avatax Exemptions and Certificates

For retailers that have the Avatax Module, SuitePOS now supports Avatax Exemptions and Certificates in order to determine if your customer is taxable, not taxable or taxed at a specific rate.

Automatic Surcharges

It is now possible to configure terminals to automatically add in surcharges to the cart on checkout. This is useful for things like COVID PPE Fees or Public Improvement Fees (PIF). When enabled, on submit of a sale, this fee is now automatically and shown on the receipt. The feature can be enabled to include a surcharge that covers all items or just taxable items.

Quantity Pricing

Quantity Pricing is a NetSuite feature that permits different item prices based on quantities sold.  Using the Advanced Promotion Module and when the feature in enabled on POS Settings, SuitePOS considers these price breaks, as the items are sold, by changing the unit price.

This is great for retailers that regularly sell individual items and say cases/crates of items. As an example, you can set up wine to be priced at 10.00 for each bottle. At 6 bottles, you could price at 9.00/bottle and at 12 (case), 8.3325 /bottle (99.99 a case). 

Units of Measure

UOMs (Units of Measure) is a NetSuite feature that permits a single item SKU to be stocked and/or sold in various configuration Units.   Using the Advanced Inventory Module and when the feature in enabled on POS Settings, SuitePOS allows you to dynamically select the UOM you need. It then uses this "conversion rate" to determine the new unit price.  

This is great for customers to simply select a different UOM, on-the-fly, versus having to add/type (and remember) UOM's they are sold in.

As an example, a bottle of wine in-hand may be sold for $10. With UOM selection, the clerk can select a case  (24), tell the shopper that it sells for $199.98, and easily sell the case, even though it isn’t in the shopper’s hands.

Allow Voids after 24hrs

You can now void all sales at anytime. Previously, the Void Button was not displayed 24hrs after a sale.

SDK's have been updated and some bugs have been fixed

Some third-party SDK's have been updated. Some of these updates include new SDK's from Star, Stripe, PayPal and Square. Various bugs have also been fixed.

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