Tutorial: Activating custom Customer fields in SuitePOS

Tutorial: Activating custom Customer fields in SuitePOS

Custom fields (at the Customer/Account level) are very useful for tracking any metric about your shoppers. You can use them to take notes, track preferences and desires and even script information to read only fields to showing things like $ spend and last purchased date.  With custom fields you can truly empower your employees and understand your shoppers better.
You can define up to 20 custom fields consisting of 5 text fields, 5 date fields, 5 pick lists and 5 checkboxes.

Step 1: Activate the custom field

  1. Go to POS Settings
  2. Activate the desired field and attributes



The field attributes can be set to optional, mandatory or view only.

Step 2: Update Field Label

Once the field is activated, it is good practice to update the field label to the same name you used on POS Settings. This avoids any confusion.



Step 3: Define values (pick lists only)

For pick lists, there is an additional step your Administrator has to perform to define the values in the pick list. 

Step 4: Perform a Sync

This enables the field to be displayed during customer entry/edit in SuitePOS.

SuitePOS Customer Custom Field Activated

Deactivating Custom Fields

  1. Go to POS Settings
  2. Set the field attribute to Hide

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