Tutorial: Enable Print Images on Receipt when Items Sold. aka. Disclaimers or Coupons.

Tutorial: Enable Print Images on Receipt when Items Sold. aka. Disclaimers or Coupons.

Requires the purchase of the SuitePOS Advanced Promotion Module
To ensure speedy printing it is recommended LAN/Wireless printers are used versus BT printers (which will still work albeit a bit slower). 
Print Images on Receipt when Items Sold enables retailers to output images based on items that are sold. These images can either be included on the receipt or printed out separately (with a partial paper cut) at the end of the receipt. Based on an item setting, an image can be printed multiple times for each quantity (eg. for buy x get y type promotions), or can be consolidated to print only once no matter what the quantity is (eg. print disclaimer x when selling item y). 

Some use cases:

  • Purchase a wine tasting and get $5.00 off a gift store purchase
  • Purchase a toy bear and get 50% off the next purchase of the bear
Couponing is very powerful when combined with SuitePOS promotions since images can be created with barcodes that scan the promotion and determine validity. Using SuitePOS promotions you can set time, amount and item dependent promotions.

  • eg. Alcohol must not be purchased by anyone under the age of 21.
  • Customer acknowledges that the purchase of this item can result in bodily harm and assumes all liability using this item.
  • For purchasing this vase, come to our pottery class next week at ......

Example Receipt (with receipt image and separate coupons):

Enable Image Printing When Item Sold

  1. Go to POS Settings.
  2. Enable Image Printing When Items Sold.

NetSuite POS Settings:

Salesforce POS Settings:

Design Images

Images are the responsibility of the retailer. For efficient printing, it is best to use black and white images at a low size. Ideally, the images should be designed at 576 pixels wide (based off 203 DPI Star printers). 
Barcodes representing discounts or promotions can be included on the image.
Printers with 3" paper work best. If the image is larger than 576 pixels, it will auto scale back to 576.

Example Image:

Image resolution should be as low as possible. This will improve the print out performance and general sync performance in the SuitePOS app.

Configure Item Records

Various fields on the item/product records controls how these images are printed.
  1. Go to view Item/Product
  2. Enable Item for Image Printing
  3. Enter the Print Image URL. This is the image that is brought into the SuitePOS app during a sync.
  4. Check Print Image for Each Qty Sold field if separate images are required for each item sold
  5. Check Print Image on Receipt if the image is to be appended to the receipt (for disclaimers, signatures and announcements) versus printed separately (for coupons).
  6. Perform a SuitePOS sync and test.

NetSuite View Items:

Salesforce View Items:

Configure the Terminal Record

To try to help fraud and limit the possibility of reprinting "coupons"; printed images can only be reprinted on the "Sale Complete" screen of the POS. This is typically done when there are paper jams or you any other issues with the receipt printer. You can further block the ability to reprint copies at the terminal level; thereby assuring that coupons are never reprinted.

NetSuite POS Terminal:

Salesforce POS Terminal:

Some Limitations

  • It is best to keep the number of items enabled for this feature to a minimum (around 50) to avoid slowing full syncs too much. 
  • Images must be attached to individual items and not groups/categories of.
  • If you need to swap an image, it is better to use a new URL to avoid having to do a full (and manual) re-sync.

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