Tutorial: Enabling Geocoding for Avatax to facilitate Field Sales.

Tutorial: Enabling Geocoding for Avatax to facilitate Field Sales.

Requires the purchase of the SuitePOS Avatax Module
Geocoding for Avatax enables SuitePOS Sales and Returns to automatically calculate tax based off the device's location (versus the more static Settings record). For example, if you are in one state at 10.00am, that state sales tax is automatically used. If you then go to another state or district, then that new sale tax will be automatically be used.

This is a powerful feature for retailers with pop-up stores and/or field sales representatives that are fluid and constantly moving around from location to location. At the same time, sales tax compliance is fully assured by Avatax. 

Enable Geocoding

NetSuite POS Settings:

Salesforce POS Settings

Geocoding Explained

As a user, you will not see much change. When a sale (or return) is submitted, the device determines the location and the postal code/zip is used when we use Avatax to calculate the tax. The transaction is then posted to NetSuite (or Salesforce).

If the device cannot determine the location (due to the internet being down or the location services not being enabled) then an error message is displayed. The user then selects whether to cancel (and hopefully fix the issue), use last known location or use the home location that the POS Terminal record points to. 

Location cannot be determined:

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