Tutorial: Enabling UOM (Units of Measure) (NetSuite Only)

Tutorial: Enabling UOM (Units of Measure) (NetSuite Only)

Requires the purchase of the SuitePOS Advanced Inventory Module
UOMs (Units of Measure) is a NetSuite feature that permits a single item SKU to be stocked and/or sold in various configuration Units at the click of a button.   

Using the Advanced Inventory Module and when the feature in enabled on POS Settings, SuitePOS allows you to dynamically select the UOM you need. It then uses this "conversion rate" to determine the new unit price.  

This is great for customers to simply select a different UOM, on-the-fly, versus having to add/type (and remember) UOM's they are sold in. As an example, a bottle of wine in-hand may be sold for $10. With UOM selection, the clerk can select a case  (12), tell the shopper that it sells for $199.98, and easily sell the case, even though it isn’t in the shopper’s hands.

Enable UOM

NetSuite POS Settings:

UOM Explained

If the feature is enabled and there are UOMs available for that item, then the item defaults to the sale unit UOM and this unit becomes a "hot link".  If you click on the "hot link" a list of available UOMs are displayed and the conversion rate is applied to the unit price. 

Default UOM with "Hot Link":

Select UOM:

Unit Price Recalculated:

If merge is on for an item, now both the item AND the UOM must match a prior line item in order to merge. 


Existing Units of Measure:
Existing unit types may already be established in NetSuite and may not reflect which units are available for which items. Unit types of an item are established when a item is created and cannot be changed. If you have a lot of items with varying units you may need to re-define these items into a more appropriate structure.

SuitePOS always rounds currency amounts to the nearest 2 decimal places. This may affect the calculation of total cost for a line item on a POS transaction when the unit price of an item is specified with more then 2 decimal places (in NetSuite).

This can affect a single quantity, calculated UOM price or Quantity Pricing calculation in SuitePOS.

Item A Quantity Pricing for a Quantity of "2" = $1.125 (as set in NetSuite)

In NetSuite, quantity 2 of Item A would result in a total item price of $2.25 on a transaction.
In SuitePOS, quantity 2 of item A would result in a total item price of $2.26.

Quantity Price Breaks
In order to represent different Units of Measure at different prices per unit.  eg. 12 bottles (case) = $12.00 and each bottle 2.00 (not 1.00) you may need to use Units of Measure combined with Quantity Price Breaks. Quantity Price Breaks requires the Advanced Promotions Module.
If "Enable UOM" on POS Settings is changed; a FULL SYNC is required on ALL terminals. 

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