Tutorial: Setting up Stripe

Tutorial: Setting up Stripe

The Stripe integration for payment processing uses a small reader that is connected to SuitePOS using low energy bluetooth.
The BBPOS Chipper comes with a direct USB connection to the a power supply. There is an optional dock available to enhance the fixed-lane environment.

Step 1: Preparation

Order the Stripe Reader hardware from Stripe

Set up a Stripe account via Stripes's web site or your Stripe Account Rep.
  1. Link a bank account
  2. Make a note of the Secret Key and Publishable Key
  3. Set up Stripe Locations (Version 4.1x or higher) and make a note of the Location.

Stripe Web User Interface:

Stripe Locations:

Test API Key's and Cards are available directly from Stripe

Step 2: Set up the gateway

  1. Go to POS Settings.
  2. Set the Gateway field to "Stripe".
  3. Set the API Secret and API Publishable field to what was noted earlier.
  4. Set the Stripe Location to the appropriate Location Id stated above. (Version 4.1.x or Higher)



Step 3: Connect the Stripe Reader

  1. Login to the SuitePOS app and click the menu icon.
  2. Go to SuitePOS Settings.
  3. Ensure the Stripe Reader is on. 
  4. Select Connect Stripe Reader

SuitePOS Settings:

Once connected you should be able to run transactions. The first transaction processed may be slower due to having to establish protocol. If for some reason, the reader is disconnected, the next time a transaction runs it will try to re-connect using last known. 

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