What Processors, Gateways and Countries are supported?

What Processors, Gateways and Countries are supported?

Square and Stripe
There has been a recent trend to more modern end-to-end payment processors such as Square or Stripe. These fintech companies offer competitive custom rates (with no hidden fees or no contract lock-in) together with very useful ancillary services. Account set up is fast; you can be up and running in minutes.
In almost all cases (for higher volume merchants) we recommend using the modern processor technologies such as Square or Stripe. 
Universal Merchant Support (Payroc)
For those customers that want to "bring their own processor", we have integrated to a universal gateway and acquirer (Payroc) that can support several third-party merchants.

Supported Processors include:


Supported Countries by Gateway:

Square Reader USA
Square Terminal USA, CAN
Stripe USA
Payroc USA

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    • What payment methods are supported?

      SuitePOS supports Credit Card (Swipe, EMV, Contactless), Apple/Android Pay, Cash, On Account, Gift Cards and Checks. Dependent on processor, SuitePOS supports Reference Refunds, Non-Referenced Refunds and Voids.
    • What types of transactions are supported?

      Dependent on the processor of choice, SuitePOS can be used to handle Cash and Carry, Sales Orders (shipped or in-store pickup), Returns and Voids.