SuitePOS Release 4.2

SuitePOS Release 4.2

Please read this carefully before performing any upgrade.
A server-side Bundle/Package upgrade is required before the App is upgraded
Customer on 4.1.x can simply install over the existing App. If there are issues, please remove and install the App again and perform a Full Sync.
Please be mindful of  NetSuite Script Error: SSS_REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED when full syncing many terminals at once.

Release 4.2 History

Release 4.2.8 Build (1290) NS Bundle 4.2.8, SF Package 4.29
  1. Modified On Demand Customers to do more of a "fuzzy" search to better find records (Requires NetSuite Bundle 4.2.7)
  2. Updated Square Reader SDK to 1.7.2 to solve the "white bar" issue with certain Square Stands when a credit card is processed
  3. Inactive Dynamic Options caused a App crash. This has been fixed.
  4. Removed the "Auto Hold" feature because it causes random holds sometimes.
  5. Made changes to the Avatax API calls to be in compliance with Avalara
  6. Shift Summary Report calculations have been fixed
Release 4.2.7 Build (1288) NS Bundle 4.2.6, SF Package 4.29
  1. Fixed an issue with live Stripe Connect authentication.
Release 4.2.6 Build (1287) NS Bundle 4.2.6, SF Package 4.29
  1. Enable (and enforce) Stripe Connect.  This is a mandatory security upgrade that requires Retailers using Stripe to Connect their Stripe Account to SuiteRetail's Developer Account BEFORE the upgrade. This means that API Keys (for Stripe) are no longer needed in POS Settings in NetSuite/Salesforce.  
    NOTE: If you are using Stripe, SuiteRetail will reach out to you so that you can Connect your Stripe Account to us so that the Bundle and App upgrade will work.  This App will not function (for those using Stripe) if this is not performed first.  All other retailers that are using other processors should work fine.
  2. Stop being able to retrieve cross subsidiary transactions . NetSuite does not allow linked returns across subsidiaries. 
  3. If the Item field "Print Image URL" contains an invalid URL; the App crashes on syncs. This has now been fixed.
Release 4.2.5 Build (1282) NS Bundle 4.2.5, SF Package 4.29
  1. Fix issue where a search of customers (On-Demand) produces results from other subsidiaries
Release 4.2.5 Build (1281-BETA) NS Bundle 4.2.5, SF Package 4.29
  1. Fix various issues with random crashes due to concurrency
  2. Fix rare issue causing crash on customer syncs 
  3. Fix issue where no tax is credited when returning an On Account sale for retailers using Avatax. This may cause credit memos to be left open in NetSuite. (Requires Bundle upgrade to 4.2.5).
Release 4.2.4 Build (1277) NS Bundle 4.2.4, SF Package 4.29
  1. Fix various issues with Payroc processing including failure to swipe, tap and other things
  2. Fix a rare issue with using Stripe processing when gateway set to Payroc 
  3. Fix Issue with wrong pricing displayed when manually adding  an item after scanning an item with quantity pricing enabled
  4. Unable to scan Gift Card barcode when refunding to Gift Card now fixed
  5. Standalone return to Gift Card results in no Invoice in NetSuite when Gift Card scanned
  6. Various minor UI improvements 
  7. Fixed rare issue with UOM being incorrect for credit card sales
Release 4.2.3 Build (1276) NS Bundle 4.2.4, SF Package 4.29
  1. Fixed issue with Split Refund Receipts showing same credit card information
  2. Fixed a rare issue where Split Refunds are not posting correctly NetSuite
  3. Auto Holds should only be triggered when the first item is added
  4. Fixed an issue where on-demand customers are not bringing in the pricing groups correctly
  5. Fixed issues where the Failed Queue is not displaying the error correctly when transactions are posted (Note: requires NS Bundle 4.2.4)
Release 4.2.2 Build (1273) NS Bundle 4.2.0, SF Package 4.29
  1. Fixed item counts on receipts and screen (when order has whole order discounts)
  2. Better handle crash reporting in firebase
Release 4.2.1 Build (1272) NS Bundle 4.2.0, SF Package 4.29
  1. Fixed On Demand Customer issue for accounts with customer numbering on
  2. Support for iOS 17.0.x
  3. Updated the Socket Scanner SDK, Star Printer SDK and other minor ones
  4. Updated the Provisioning Profile to expire 9/26/24
  5. Updated the certificates for Tap to Pay allowing the App to be use this feature for Stripe.
Release 4.2.0 Build (1270) NS Bundle 4.2.0, SF Package 4.29
  1. Initial production release
Release 4.2.0 Build (1265-B4) NS Bundle 4.2.0, SF Package 4.29
  1. Made item syncs a bit more stable for certain iPads
Release 4.2.0 Build (1265-B1) NS Bundle 4.2.0, SF Package 4.29
  1. Add in feature to auto hold the current sale. This facilitates recovery when ( in rare instances) the app crashes in the midst of ringing up a sale.
Release 4.2.0 Build (1265-B0) NS Bundle 4.2.0, SF Package 4.29
  1. Initial BETA Release

New in Release 4.2

Auto Hold Current Sale

The current sale is now automatically put on hold and updated as each item is scanned/selected. This means that in the rare event that the app crashes mid-sale the clerk can simply open the app up and search for the on hold sale, click on it and continue where they left off. 

Returns on Split Sales

If you are issuing a return for an existing sale that was split split across multiple credit cards or payment methods, the only option would have been to refund to cash or gift card.  We now allow returns on split sales across multiple cards.

On Account Returns

Currently the only way of returning On Account sales is by either voiding the sale or returning in NetSuite. You can now return On Account sales.

Filter Sales Rep by Location

Retailers with a lot of sales reps can now filter by these reps by the Location record associated with the Terminal. This makes sales rep selection during transaction entry easier.

Allows you to put various images for coupons, event notices and other messages at the bottom of receipts (with or without accompanying QR/Bar codes).  Eg. 10% off your next purchase,  QR codes to scan and sign up for something.

More information: Enable Receipt Footer Image

Support for Square Terminal

Square Terminal is a larger payment device that utilizes our integration to Square Payments. This device is ideal for some international customers (for PIN on glass) and for USA customers that want a more esthetic looking and customer facing payment device.

Square POS - Tap to Pay

Tap to Pay allows you to take credit cards on a Phone without a payment reader. This is great for line busting or high volume environments. We have enabled this specifically for our "Square POS" gateway integration.  It is not currently available for our "Square Reader" integration. 

Square and Afterpay (Buy Now, Pay Later)

We now fully support Square and Afterpay. This means you can increase revenue by allowing shoppers to Buy Now and Pay Later. 

Stripe Decline Reasons

We have improved the errors that are displayed when a card is declined (in Stripe).

Various Whole Order Promo Bugs Fixed

Various buts relating to whole order promotions have now been fixed.

Kick Drawer Log and Pay In/Out

Retailers who take cash at the POS may want to track the reasons for kicking a drawer and/or tracking cash paid into or paid out during an open shift. In the past, the only way of doing this is via hand-written notes and manual calculations. 

Fail Queue Notification Icon

We now show notifications on the App icon when there are records in the Failed Queue that need attention.

Void Split Transactions

Previously you can only VOID non-split sale transactions.  Now you can VOID split sales transactions.
Currently the only way to print out a Shift Summary is by accessing it in NetSuite.  If enabled, now you can print a Shift Summary directly from the POS to go with the daily cash deposit.

Square Locations out of sync

If you are not careful you can end up with situations where the transactions within a Square Account could post to the wrong location. This is because the Location Id (on POS Settings), the Auth Location Id (when authorizing) and the connected device Location Id could be different.  If this happens the POS will issue a warning which will need to be corrected by your administrator at some point (so that they are all the same).

Receipt enhancements

You can now (optionally on the POS Settings record) display the following on receipts:
  1. Customer Terms (On Account sales)
  2. Ship Method (Sales Orders)
  3. Item Count - to facilitate a clerk to confirm they have the right amount of items 

Fail Queue Throttling parameters

In 4.1.32 (Build 1118) we introduced Sales Throttling. This means that if there is a NetSuite system issue (centered around concurrency and/or request limits)  detected on any given terminal we temporarily write the transactions to the Failed Queues (for 45 mins).  This has now been parameterized on the settings record.  In addition, throttling can be turned On or Off at the POS Settings level; this allows you to fine tune throttling around groups of terminals.

Fail Queue Audit fields

To better understand the state of terminals we have introduced a set of fields on both the Shift and Terminal Record.  This enables you to proactively monitor terminals and any records that are in the Failed Queue.

Customer Sync Performance Improvements

For customers that are NOT using "On Account", we have improved customer sync performance by up to 40% by eliminated fields that are not used.

Sound a Buzzer if no item matched

In a high volume environment it is not uncommon for a bad barcode to be scanned. If this happened nothing would add to the cart (because of a modal), but several items may be scanned without realizing.  To curb this we have introduced a buzzer sound to alert the clerk.
Often in Kiosk Mode sales are very linear (no returns etc). Under SuitePOS Menu Access on POS Settings we have added in "Disable Search". This will ensure nothing is searchable.

Force Full Sync - Terminal Record

Terminals can currently be "Forced Full Sync" on the POS Settings record in NetSuite.  This means on the next terminal sync; a full sync will be performed on all the terminals that fall under the POS Settings.  Now you can force a full item sync at the terminal level so that you have more control over which terminals get sync'd while at the same time better avoiding "Concurrent Request" errors. 

Full Sync Log

When a full sync is performed we now log that event on the Terminal record in NetSuite.  This better audits when the last full sync was performed. 

Customer Terms on Receipts

We now show the Customer Terms on the receipt for On Account Sales.

Sale Script Transaction Audit and Recovery Improvements

  1. You can now better audit sale and return transactions that are written to NetSuite by enabling time stamped auditing by altering the deployment record for "SPOS Sale" (or "SPOS Return"). This means that time stamps will be written to the log files so that issues and bottlenecks can be better analyzed.
  2. We now output more details when "SPOS Sale" fails to better identify the terminal it occurred on.
  3. We now handle "SPOS Sale" payment recovery failures better to reduce the amount of open invoices when payments fail and are re-processed.

Misc bugs and quality improvements

  1. Under certain circumstances, strike throughs on receipt (when UOM Enabled) were not working correctly.
  2. Under rare circumstances, the pricing (when UOM is changed) is incorrectly displayed.
  3. Under rare circumstances, returns cannot be performed on sales with whole order promotions (and min order) set. 
  4. Several "Promo" related bugs associated with Whole Order Promotions fixed.
  5. Several minor UI improvements.

NetSuite Update Steps

If you have custom forms linked to the locked SPOS iOS Device role, updating the bundle will revert these forms to the SPOS Default forms. In order to correct this, you will need to set your custom forms back on the SPOS iOS Device role.  If you are already using a custom SPOS iOS Device role (recommended), this does not apply.
  1. Update to the latest supported SuitePOS Bundle
  2. Install the latest SuitePOS App 
You have to merge the "SPOS Menu Access List" during the update of the Bundle

Salesforce Upgrade Steps

  1. Update to the latest SuitePOS (4.31) Package 
  2. Install the latest SuitePOS App 

POS Settings Object


POS Settings Layout


Account Layout


Product Layout


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